General Studies Careers

Are you interested in earning a degree, but enjoy the study of too many subjects to pick one major? Many students find themselves in this situation; if you’re hesitant to choose one major, and risk missing some really interesting course work in another field, consider a general studies degree. Graduates will have thousands of career options, as the general studies degree is one of the most versatile programs available. Within the general studies program you will have the opportunity to structure your degree according to your interests, providing you with completely customizable career options.

Here are a few of many career options with a general studies degree:

  • Administrative Services Manager– As an administrative services manager your responsibility will be to plan and organize projects and services. Nearly every industry, both public and private, employs administrative services managers. This career will cover a lot of general administrative responsibilities within an organization, including coordinating projects, reporting progress to upper-management and hiring/firing personnel. It’s a great career to begin in if you have aspirations of being an upper-level manager.
  • Museum Curator– If you’re interested in art history, add a few business and marketing classes to become qualified for a career as a museum curator. Museums and art galleries need individuals who know the art industry, and can put together a great show that the public will love. They are also involved in overseeing a museum’s collection, and buying or borrowing additional works for display. It’s a fascinating and culturally rich career opportunity for the general studies graduate.
  • Real Estate Agent– Real estate agents generally work independently or for real estate firms. The career requires business savvy and an understanding of real estate law, so chose classes that focus on business, marketing and communications.
  • Postmaster– This government career requires the supervision of a post office and the operations that go on within it. Organization and management skills are important, as well as some experience in the USPS. Take courses that focus on management and communication if interested in this career, and try to secure an entry-level postal position to gain experience.
  • Entrepreneur– If you have an idea for a start-up business, a general studies degree can be the perfect way to get the specific training you need to get started. Take a few business classes, while studying the areas in which your business will operate. This ‘make your own degree’ then ‘make your own career’ combination is the ideal application for a general studies degree.