Healthcare Management Degrees

If you’re wondering how to combine your desire to help people and your interest in business, consider a healthcare management degree. The training will combine classes in management and healthcare, and allow you to work in a hospital setting without having to struggle through 8 years of medical school. Graduates with this degree will have several career options ranging from administrative work to resource management within the healthcare system. Each degree will offer unique opportunities, so find out which ones will best suit your career goals.

It is up to you to decide which degree is going to be the right choice for you. Healthcare management degrees include:

  • Associate’s: With an associate’s degree in healthcare management, you will be qualified to hold lower-level management positions such as supervisor or assistant manager. Graduates can work in nearly any part of the healthcare field from doctor’s offices to hospitals. After completing the associate’s degree program, graduates may decide to continue their education and opt into a bachelor’s degree program.
  • Bachelor’s: Graduates who complete a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management will be trained in the healthcare industry as well as on management techniques. After completing the degree, career options include a mid-level management position in the healthcare industry with the possibility of promotion as experience is gained.
  • Master’s: A master’s degree in healthcare management will prepare a student for the exciting, yet complex world of healthcare. Not only does the master’s program provide a slight competitive edge over the bachelor’s, but the courses will offer in-depth studies of the healthcare industry and management. Students who complete the master’s degree program have a relatively high salary outlook, depending on what area of the industry they choose to work in.