Healthcare Management Careers

If you’re passionate about helping people, and also have an interest in business and management, you should consider one of the many career opportunities that are possible with a degree in healthcare management. The healthcare industry is a massive and complex world that needs talented individuals who understand how it operates and can manage people and resources within it.

Here are a few examples of careers in healthcare management:

  • Hospital Administrator – A career as a hospital administrator will vary depending on the size and nature of the hospital. Generally the hospital administrator, or top administrator, is concerned with operations, staffing and managing the large scale decisions within the hospital. Hospital administrators working in smaller hospitals may be involved in more of the day-to-day responsibilities. Good communication and managerial skills are helpful, as well as previous experience in the medical field.
  • Medical Office Manager – A clinical manager will generally specialize in one area of the hospital, and manage the staff and operations there. This career offers the opportunity to work within the medical field, while still acting in a business management position. This career is perfect for those who would like to experience both fields.
  • Health Service Manager– Health service managers will work in a similar capacity to medical office managers, but will generally oversee a larger group of employees or health service centers. The career will utilize managerial and healthcare experience and training, and involves running multiple outpatient centers, clinics or other healthcare facilities.
  • Associate Administrator– Associate administrators will usually work under the hospital administrator, managing specific operations within a hospital. Areas an associate administrator may supervise include nursing, radiology, pediatrics or cardiology. This career requires strong administrative skills and the ability to allocate resources and organize a department.