Mass Communication Careers

In an age where most communication is mass communication, the career options in this field are extensive. From radio broadcaster to email specialist, a degree in mass communication can provide access to a career in a variety of industries. Mass communication degree programs are often interdisciplinary, meaning they cover multiple subjects, so be sure to choose one where you can specialize in your particular area of interest.

Here are a few examples of careers in mass communication:

  • Public Relations– This career generally involves promoting and, when necessary, defending the image of a company or individual. Those who pursue this career should have excellent communication skills, both written and oral, and be should able to make a strong argument. There are many career options within the public relations field such as publicity manager, creative director, lobbyist and audience analyst.
  • Advertising– Advertising, which is closely linked to marketing, also crosses over into mass communication. Individuals seeking a career in this field will be responsible for promoting products or services to potential customers. This is a fast-paced, competitive industry where talent is rewarded very well.
  • Broadcasting/Electronic Media– Here older media, such as radio broadcasting, is included with emerging media like Internet marketing and podcasting. A career in mass communication can provide access to both, since the skills you learn are applicable to a wide variety of careers.
  • Journalist– Although print media has fallen on hard times, online publications like blogs and news websites have seen a huge increase in traffic over the last few years. Talented writers who can adapt to the changing environment of news media will learn useful skills within the mass communication program. Whether you’re interested in editing or writing, a degree in mass communication can lead you to your ideal career.
  • Lawyer– Individuals who wish to become lawyers will learn valuable skills while pursuing an undergraduate degree in mass communication. The skills you learn—public speaking and topical research—transfer easily to a career in law.