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YouShouldGoToSchool Word Cloud

July 5, 2011

I recently found this cool word cloud tool at You can enter a group or words or a website, and Wordle will arrange the most frequently used words in a word cloud. Larger words are used most often.

Check out our current favorite words:


Editor’s Blog Update: What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

May 24, 2011

Dear Loyal Readers,

As much as we love putting out daily Monday-Friday posts on this blog, recently we’ve found a need to cut back. Due to some external business circumstances beyond our control (it’s complicated), we need to scale back the frequency of our contributions. With this in mind, starting today, we’ll be moving to a biweekly publishing format—as in twice-a-week, not every other week. We currently plan on Tuesday/Thursday postings, but reserve the right to change our minds later. At any rate, if we make any other big changes, we’ll let you know.

Thanks again for reading, and we hope you continue to enjoy the YSGTS blog posts and the other career-focused education resources on this site.

Best. Job. Ever.

October 21, 2010

Professional success is something to strive for, but it isn’t everything. My cousin lives in New York, and left a well-paying career in finance to teach math to 5th graders. She’s much happier now. Would I be happier teaching math to 5th graders? Probably not. To each his own.


Friday Wrap-up: The For-Profit College CRACK DOWN, Stupid Americans and Red Bull

July 23, 2010

Warren G — by which I mean the Dept. of Education — is set to regulate:

A couple months after the Senate hearing on for-profit colleges, which we’ve discussed extensively, I saw this in my Twitter feed:

The Huffington Post article breaks down a few of the anticipated for-profit college regulations:

The Obama administration, amid intense lobbying from both for-profit college officials and consumer and student advocates, is proposing a complicated formula that would weigh both the debt-to-income ratio of recent graduates and whether all enrolled students repay their loans on time, regardless of whether they finish their studies.

Career College Association, the principle for-profit college lobbying group, immediately pushed back via press release, calling the proposed legislation “unwise, unnecessary, unproven and is likely to harm students, employers, institutions and taxpayers.”

More fun to come on that, I’m sure. . .

An Embarrassing Infographic:

Jay Leno’s infamous Jaywalking segment raised suspicions about just how little we Americans know about our own country’s history — and this infographic, put together by, confirms those suspicions. It’s a big one, so click on the thumbnail to find out ‘what we don’t know’:

What is Red Bull doing to your body?

Dr. Matthew Edlund,  expert on all things sleep-related, discusses the cultural differences between coffee and energy drinks, and warns what a lack of sleep and too much caffeine can do to your body (spoiler: it makes you fat and depressed). It will also advesrly affect information retention, so when studying for a test, a few extra hours of sleep are often more beneficial than spending that time chugging Red Bull and memorizing flash cards. Read more here!


Big things are happening on, so look around the site to see the changes as the’re rolled out. Our degree matching tool, which will help you choose a degree based on your career goals, will be arriving soon. . .

Announcement: Site Improvements Are Here!

June 16, 2010

This blog is usually not given to self-promotion, but I would be doing you, our loyal audience, a disservice if I didn’t announce what I am about to announce: is growing up.

One of the biggest immediate changes is a revamped set of navigation options for the degree pages. The previously clumsy side navigation and top “breadcrumbs” have been overhauled. The financial aid section has some new helpful information about FAFSA and college scholarships. An overview video of our free resources welcomes people right on the home page:

And this is just the beginning … I’m also proud to announce that we’re closer to delivering exciting widgets, apps and assorted tools, including the promised Career Matcher.

Finally, as you’ve come to expect, this blog will continue to offer daily (Mon.-Fri.) insightful commentary and links to the most interesting news from the world of career-focused education.  Thanks again for being a part of

Site News Update

April 9, 2010

Hello, readers.  Thanks for your patience as the site comes along.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to inform you of a couple new developments.

First, we anticipate our inaugural email newsletter to go out shortly. Please check out this link if you are interested in subscribing.  In the newsletter, you will find original articles about:

  • Green jobs and the new MBA
  • Proper and distinguished resume-writing
  • The anatomy of design

Go ahead and subscribe today!

Second, we will soon unveil big additions to our degree pages.  These pages are being built out at a rapid clip, and will continue to increase until we cover more than 150 types of career-focused degrees.  Then you’ll be able to see all you need to see about the degree programs that might match your interests.

Third, we’ve got a favicon!  When you bookmark this site, you will see a little image of part of our logo: the white cap on the green background.  We hope it helps remind you of where to find us.

Our new favicon.

Thanks for reading, and remember to come back soon for our daily career-focused education news and commentary Monday through Friday.

Photo courtesy of bfick via Flickr.