The Best Career-Change Blogs

A lot of people who are interested in career-focused education and degrees from career schools are those who are pondering career changes.  For everyone out there who may be looking for a new line of work, these blogs may prove to be as indispensable as a good resume.  Bookmark them, put them in your RSS readers, or sign up for email delivery.  In no particular order, here are:

The Best Career-Change Blogs

As the name suggests, links to pertinent career-change news abound.  Expect to find all things related to “encore careers”:  mid-life transitions, grants for “encore” colleges, entrepreneurial opportunities, fellowships, and more.

This blog (named after a book of the same name) is hands-on and imaginative; offers instructive examples to encourage entrepreneurship, freelancing and consulting.

Zeroing in on a particular audience, common topics are “encore careers” and “encore jobs.”  A must-read for the post-50 job-seeking crowd with some applicable carryover to general career-changers.

As the name suggests, this blog is authored by a career consultant.  Consequently, it contains plenty of practical tips supported by real-life anecdotes and inspirational quotations.

Like the previous entry, this blog also takes a cue from its title:  readers will find a lot of “change” and life-coaching themes along with ideas and motivation that could fuel career changes.  Must-read post: “10 Steps to Creative Career Changes.”

Some of the content could be categorized as general life inspiration–”The Truth About Vision, Obstacles and Mastery“–but a lot of the ideas apply to career-changing as well.

**Honorable Mention

This blog is no longer active, as its parent, The New York Times, killed it in 2008.  However, the historical posts are worth checking out for inspirational writing about people’s quests to embark on new careers, the ever-shifting corporate culture of our times, and the author’s own reaction to being “laid off” from her very blog. And many of the topics and links are still current.

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